Coffee and Philosophy Ep. 150

in #philosophy2 months ago (edited)

As much of an awesome show as this is and as much as I've been looking forward and trying to post it on 3speak for 2 days now... I guess it wasn't in the cards. So low and behold I had to go dust off the old youtube account to get this one out. I reallllly hope this is not going to be a regular thing. I don't like posting on youtube at all. Anyways...

In this week's episode the Cope and I dive into the WSB fiasco and disco the implications of what this means and where we go from here. We actually disagreed a bit (for real though), but it is what it is. No one knows the future and only time will tell, but I for one think Pandora's Box is open and the legacy financial system just took a crippling blow. Much love.