The Only Way Out Of This Quagmire

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The quest for profits and technology is exponentially antagonistic because as technology evolves profits start turning against us. We can't continue to extract from the planet as if there is no tomorrow. Nature is not a machine but an organism. It has always been this way though but until the industrial revolution, such a Natural Law was not very noticeable, mainly because the pace of extraction was quite slow.

Then everything went out of whack!

Nature will never tolerate being monetized because self-regenerative principles do not recognize "self-serving" behaviors but cooperation to keep everything in balance. That's the paradox we are in. Although many seem to acknowledge this obstacle, they have not yet assimilated this fact with a paradigm shift and are in favor of UBI coming to the rescue. The corporate solution to joblessness and automation is Universal Basic Income but the latter is just another trap to regulate societal consumerism and finalize the monopolization of natural resources.

Eventually, benevolence and voluntaryism will have the final word and replace monetarism.

True Laws cannot be written down on paper because they can only be known in the consciousness of every man and every woman of the living soil who has the ability of conscience and critical thought (Mark Passio)

Truth usually works silently and insidiously its way through. Advocating for the end of money is a very tricky business so to speak. And we can relate to this after 5 years of doing so restlessly. If money helps propagate information, it also has the power to restrict it as we explained in our blog: Breaking Free From 10,000 Years Of Programming And Superstition.

Even though many would admit that we have reached the deep end of materialism -- a point of no return -- every day we're able to witness that there is a competition for a "leading role" during the transition, but contenders would rather avoid the topic because they have to rely on an income and patreons. They thus stay away from the topic.

Unfortunately, we also have noticed that those understanding the stakes still endorse some form of centralization by technological means. And to us, this is a giant red flag. The core issue here is that for technology to grow indefinitely it will have to do better than Nature or face irrelevance. The premise can only regard Nature as a threat. Another tyranny in disguise. The Busines Insider article posted below gives us a hint that we'd take very seriously.

New ‘medicine' could vaccinate plants against devastating viruses. RNA-targeting method could speed the design of crop vaccines ( 2018)

Cooperation with Nature is the only way to ensure a peaceful future.

Because money too often equates to power, a real money-free society would be by definition not only leaderLESS but also completely embrace transparency: people would be admired for their humanitarian qualities, have acquired a little ego through verifiable life experience, practiced healing medicine for quite some time, and give advice instead of orders.

Jiddu Krishnamurti is correct.

It is the whole society's mindset that has to change radically. Society has been continually in the hands of top downs inducing moral relativism for millennia, and defining what is acceptable. That structure must go because order followers are as dangerous as those giving orders.

Either we grow and mature up and support each other during this paradigm shift... or we vanish as a civilization and are assimilated by General Intelligence. Leaving behind the concept of leadership for good is the only way out of this quagmire.

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