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RE: Getting rid of the unique self: On how we are losing what it means to be human

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The older I get and I am getting older, the more I have come to understand that the current state of malaise that hangs over humanity begins first and foremost with physical causes and I do not mean innate chemical imbalances. First there is our diet. We were not meant to run carbohydrate based metabolisms and when a person can free herself from blood sugar swings, the state of ataraxia is a great deal easier to arrive at and maintain. Then there is a lack of sleep and chronic recreational drug use. All but the rarest individual who attends to all three of these factors will not see improvements in mood and more control over self. Few of us understand this but control over self is truly what we are looking for. We all want to be free. But then that is another philosophical vein, isn't it:)

Great post. A thinker:)


Thank you so much for the comment. Yes, you are absolutely right. There is not one answer, but a complex network of different interrelated things we need to give attention. (I do not like the word holistic approach because of the "negative" (??) connotation it sometimes has.) Yes, absolutely. Diet is so important, also exercise and a whole lot of other things. The idea of a quick single fix to a complex problem is so ingrained into our psyche that we totally forget that a lot of things are in our control. Thanks again!

I think the problem is that we have monetized our healthcare. Companies look for cures they can sell and they must get these so-called cures to market quickly and it has to be something the customer will have to buy many times to make profit. The healthcare system isn't about curing or ameliorating even. It is about getting people dependent and how can you heal a mind that way. You can't. Other than with really acute diseases and injury cases, a person might do better to trusting herself. And then there are all the snake oil salesman online too. I am starting to feel pretty good myself LOL for doing as good as I do:):):)

Hey, have a good day. You earned it:)

Thanks! Yes, you are absolutely right there. If you can make a whole society think they are ill, and you have the cure, then you have a brilliant way to make a ton of money. Thanks again, keep safe.