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RE: Getting rid of the unique self: On how we are losing what it means to be human

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hi @fermentedphil
you wrote a very deep post. I don't know English very well and I had to use the translator, so I don't know if I understood all your thoughts well. unfortunately the evolution of man does not always go as we hope or desire. there have been periods of great progress (see Enlightenment, industrial eras,) and even there probably will have been imbalances created in the minds of the people we do not know. nowadays our evil is to have too much, to know so much and not to use it well, to think that we need a lot of useless things, to think that money, success and power are the key to happiness. all this leads people to react differently, it also depends on which part of the world they are growing. of course the pills will not take us to ataraxia, but I feel more interested in the evils for which I take the pills. the search for the self is a personal journey, we cannot expect everyone to do it in our same way. reality is subjective and we should be so empathetic as to understand that everyone interprets this reality through their own personal feelings. I suffer from chronic headache and when I am sick I am depressed and I seem to go crazy and my inner self is wiped out by pain. what should I do? however, taking the pills does not eliminate research in life. and personally I am not looking for ataraxia, but for the strong emotions that make my heart beat.
congratulations and thanks for sharing with us


Thank you so much for the time and effort you spent! Yes life is subjective and everyone won't join the journey or for the search for ataraxia. But the thing is one needs to be happy with one's decision. If one does not want to look for ataraxia, one needs to be happy with that choice. Good luck with the headaches! Keep safe and stay strong.

no effort, just happy sharing of thoughts! I love philosophy and questioning about life is its very essence !! Thank you very much