Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Impression - Know everything before Buying .

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Here's what you need to know about Galaxy Note 9

  • It's finally here. After relentless leaks, rumors, and more, Galaxy Note 9 is officially out.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a little bigger, a little more colorful ( with 2 different Colors ) , and a little more powerful than all prior Note phones, but be warned: it’s also a lot more expensive. The device comes in two colors in the US, ocean blue (with a bright yellow S Pen) and lavender purple.

credit : CNET

Here's everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

  • Samsung took phrase " The bigger the better " phrase quite seriously. Note 9 is one of the big phones ( Screen wise and storage wise ) of 2018. With Big 6.4-inch Display and 2960x1440 (18:9) Screen Resolution. And even the 4,000 mAh battery is huge.

  • Now , Lets talk about storage. S9 comes with two different variant 6 GB RAM with 128GB Storage , another is 8 GB RAM with 512GB Storage. Do you know what is bigger than huge ? Ans- this . This, is bigger than huge.

  • Now , lets see everyone's favorite specification . You're right I'm Talking about Camera. The camera is better, with a dual 12MP rear setup that has dual-aperture technology, and can record Super Slow Mo videos. AR Emoji is back with some finer avatar customization.

S pen Magic

  • The new S Pen is the star turn of the Note 9 show, capable of performing Bluetooth-connected magic tricks from up to 30 feet away . Sm Pen can take photos from 30 feet away and even can charge while embedded in the phone.

  • When you do finally drain the Note 9, you'll be able to top it up via wired and wireless fast charging.

Samsung is listing the 128GB Note 9 at $999, and the 512GB model at $1,250 in the US. Price may be vary in different Countries .

  • So , the price is quite expensive , would you buy this phone at 1000$ price ?

SpecificationSamsung Galaxy Note 9
Operating systemAndroid 8.1 Oreo Samsung Experience 9.5
Display size, resolution6.4-inch Super AMOLED; 2,960x1,440 pixels
CameraDual 12-megapixel (wide), 12-megapixel
Front-facing camera8 MP
Video capture4K
ProcessorOctacore Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
Storage128GB, 512GB
Battery4,000 mAh
Expandable storage512GB

Would you buy this phone at 1000$ price ?

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Nice review.
Samsung hasn't disappointed, I like what they did with the pen and how they boosted their RAM.
Now we will have to wait till Apple officially unveils what they have in store for us.

Good phone but specs very similar to the Note8

Wow.. My next phone thanks my brother.

I wish your post on trend no. 1 my friend.

I have a note 8 and am quite happy with it, however. Given the information I have currently I will still be keeping mine for the next couple years. Hopefully I won't break it before then

I do hope the DeX features get rolled out to the Note 8 and older phones. I am also interested in using it as a drawpad sending info to my computer.


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great , nice review .I'm not sure if I would buy phone , I rather get new computer.

Yes , At this price range anyone would prefer computer or laptop over Phone .

I just purchased the S8+ when it came out, and love it. If I was in the market for a phone right now, I would probably go for the s9+. I owned the note 3 for 4 years, and found I rarely used the stylus, even though it was a feature I was really excited about. It's a Premium flagship device, so yeah, it's expensive.

s9+ is one of the best phones of samsung out there . ;)

I like what they did with the hydro cooling processor, the camera processor scene recognition is super stoked. The larger battery life and enhanced SPen is just amazing. Go note

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Yes cooling processor will help hardcore gamer.

I saw this announcement on Casey Neistat's YouTube channel because Samsung also sent him the new Note 9. Looks cool and all, but I'll wait for his review, although he already said it's "slightly" biased. lol.

Btw, not buying this though. Just curious how it performs. Ha ha ha.

With 6GB/8GB RAM performance will definitely going to be amazing . But lets see if it can beat Pixel 2 XL or Iphone X .

@shaivpidadi Congo bro👍..this is now a trending post😎

No,I wont buy the phone for 1000 dollars but i would accept it as a prove of undying love from my very own special sweet...... Hhahahahahhh

nice informative news. great job

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Nice info

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very nice

Wow amazing one of my favourite, its a beast.
Camera, S pen looks great, very good review done by you.
I think this has to be no.1 trending post.

thanks brother

Watched the presentation. Looks spectacular. Fortnite addition is great.

samsung is not stopping itself , it trying very hard to compete with iphone , lets see where samsung lands, but again this is good information from your side , thank you

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I need to see a comparison between I Phone and the Samsung Note.

I might do it , in upcoming posts .

@shaivpidadi Is this have an installment for this phone? what are all needed guys? I badly need a cellphone for applying to have a job. 🙁

Yes , you can buy the 128 GB Note 9 from Verizon for $41.66 per month .

I've always been team iPhone but I gotta say this looks so preettty :)

To talk about Samsung Galaxy Note9, surely no one understands me, why? because i'm working at samsung. 1 vote for you and 1 follower for me

I'm happy with my S9 plus now, but who knows :D

I really like a thing about this phone i.e S pen.
A new technology is used in this samsung note 9 phone.

I have never hear about this technology before reading your post.
Thank you very much.

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thanks brother

No, and i think its stupid to invest so much money in a phone that.. lets face not flying ..its a toy with a nice picture on it... but humans will buy it anyway because..well it makes them happy :)

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i want this phone very much

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Beautiful phone. #resteemed

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I only try to buy a new phone every 2-3 years. It's not always worth it and they are getting more expensive each time. My computer even doesn't cost that much.


How is upgrading your phone every year worth it?

very helpful information about samsung galaxy note 9


You are welcome friend

It's really useful content .But I inform you that, in INDIA it'll launch in 3 different color (ocean blue,midnight black and metallic copper)

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This is the best smartphone of Samsung.
This is also amazing with the powerful feature of spen.

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