California Sunsets #143 ~ Life

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"Sunset shows that Life is too
beautiful to hold on to the past
so move on to the present.”
~ Jennifer Aquillo ~

Photos of Ocean Park Beach
taken on August 5th from Santa Monica, California



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Dude. You need to get an accessory like that to walk on the beach!!!

I'm always looking for some arm candy! I met the perfect one for you last night.. A bit young for me.

Is that the hostess at TK that I met last week? She's right up my ally... Send her my way!!!

Yes it is.... great memory and yes she is in your wheelhouse :)

Very beautiful to see as always, it makes me feel good inside looking at the sunset @armentor :D

Thank you so much my friend!

I like the way the sunset collides with the Ebb and flow of the day. She has a tendency to capture your soul, leaving your eyes to wander to the night.

Such a brilliant sunset, and there are times it defies words.

Upped and steemed


It was another unseasonable gorgeous sunset! Thank you as always :)

Hi friend, this is Dindar. I moved from my other account for some personal reason. From now onwards I will be available in my this account @deepu7 (my nickname).
However, great photography like always. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome back! I am now following you and thank you my friend :)

Catching the couple in the shot is sweet.

Both are such wonderful shots truly so beautiful

Thanks meng!

Most welcome Have a great day

great photography my dear @armentor you have a great day

Thank you!

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Thank you!

Congrats armentor!

Life just got more beautiful !

Thank you as always!

wonderful sunset 👌🏻

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