Unexpected Finale - Light Painting Night

It was a surprise moment when the flashlight went on for the last shot of the night.


Single Long Exposure Light Painting of Kaluunamoon

As I said before I love Collaborations. Some time ago when it was fine to have people over for some photoshoot french photographer Vincent and the Belgium Model Kaluunamoon visited me for a one-night session. Here is the last shot of the night where Vincent and I worked together light painting Kaluunamoon. We did shot some poses in a very intriguing way yet Kaluunamoon wanted to go one step further. She wanted the last shot to be a nude-shot. I am not really good at nudes, but with her posing, it worked well. What do you guys think?

This photo is once again a full-on Light Painting Portrait collaboration as I like them.

One night of Fiber Optic Light Painting with a LightPainters friend from France.

I hope this post was inspirational. If you have questions please do not hesitate. I am happy to share my knowledge.

Gunnar Heilmann Photogrpahy

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Ah come on man, you don't have to blur the nip 😅😜

I know what you mean. Yet if it goes cross-platform I know the Americans tend to start blocking for no reason.

Hey I am American and I love the nips, lol!

I guess it's only natural that we all do.

To be honest, I was so enthralled with making a typical 'guy' comment for hilarity's sake, I completely forgot to mention the excellent work! Looks so cool :) Keep it up G

Thanx and no worries I read between the lines and saw the compliment - here in Germany its super ease normally no problem to show more detail

I have been a handful of times, I have some relatives in Germany and got to check out the legendary Berlin a couple years ago, so amazing I can't believe it. As far as a more 'relaxed atmosphere' I think I saw that as well, I remember seeing St. Pauli in Hamburg briefly, as well remembering seeing some softcore pron on cable tv at like 9pm, which for a 16 year old (at the time) having grown up in Canada with the Christian ideals or something on the television you'd never see that and my brother and I thought it was totally hilarious and unbelievable. I don't understand really why it's so stuck up here in North America, it seems like violence is more okay than any sort of revealing of the human form. It's a weird place here ;)

Wow amazing result my friend 😁💚

Thank you so much. I had a feeling lots of you would like that one ;-)
Your long-lasting support is super appreciated, my friend.

This is spectacular Gunnar!!
Love the green :)

Yeeeees. Certain things just work. Like I said to Tom - I had that feeling it would be well received.
Just the same as @tomsmaid also Your long-lasting support is super appreciated, my friend. Always happy to see you guys here!

Yeah!! Fiber + Naked Model = TOP of the TOPs
Glad to support you :)

Really amazing work! Tried my hand at light painting a while back with your community inspiration, yet, it wasn’t my talent. I love the work you guys put out though.

Thank you so much. I am glad you like the art form. Super happy for all the support you guys give us.

Manually curated by brumest from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!