Our Place Among the Stars

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I have always loved space and its vastness and beauty. I think this is probably not only my favorite photo from my recent Mammouth Lakes trip but probably my favorite astrophoto. This photo was taken very late at night around 1-2 am somewhere around there and it was absolutely freezing outside. Somewhere in the 5-10 degrees. The photo was taken on a Canon DSLR with not a super wise lens but a long exposure. If I remember correctly it was around a 45second exposure with the ISO set to just about as high as it would go. I did have to work on this photo a lot to clean it up and had to use photoshop a bit but the results were worth it. I have never seen the sky so clear and full in all of my life than when I was up on the top of the mountain that night. It was just spectacular to see and I can't wait to go back again!



Man I’d love to try long exposure.
This is a really really cool image, to pick up that kind of detail and colour from the cosmos is staggering. Must have a been a beautiful location on hardly any light pollution.

Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

It was for sure. We were the only ones in the area at the time as there was so much snow only people who had cabins were allowed up. Yea the light pollution is next to nothing up there so the skies were really clear. The first night it was cloudy but the second night had clear skies.

That is a nice looking spot.