How sure are you about me? Light Painting Portrait

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Two faces with a different expression.

The room for interpretation is imense. These two shots were created during a very cool Light Painting Living Room session with Magda and Rafa.

Here it's not about fancy effects but her piercing look in her eyes. Look at that. Magda is a software engineer and works and lives to a large part of her live in th einternet. She asked me if we can get that into the image. All again in-camera and not Photoshop. Magda is super versatile in her different expressions in her face. Just compaer these two images and tell me what you thing she wants you to think.

What happend in the Photo?

The exposure time here was 34 seconds at F22 ISO 50 on the 70-200mm F2.0 Zoom lens, it was still kind of sunny outside so we had to crank up the ISO and the F Stop.


A cool Portrait. With a little more open eyes and open for conversation.
The light was applied first with a scanner that I always use.
All that during the exposure time of 50 seconds also at F22 ISO 50 on the 70-200mm F2.0 Lens.

Fiberoptic Light Painting Tutorial

If you wonder how this was made I can suggest you visiting my dedicated page that gives you some examples and a tutorial video if you have missed it here.

Or you can watch it right here:

Tell me if you tried this technique, tag me and send me a link. Iam super curious.

I hope it was informative and maybe also inspirational. If you have more questions please do not hesitate. I am happy to share my knowledge.

Gunnar Heilmann Photogrpahy

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That is my interpretation:
In the first photo she is entering the Matrix, the world wide web that is linked to her job. Indeed she is focused!! The light starts to cover her...
Instead in the second one, she is in the Matirx, the light cover her totally.
Now she is super focused but with open eyes!! :)

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I love that interpretation! Hahaha

Thanx for making this a conversation. The matrix thing I get sometimes and I think it's a great comparison. The electrification of our thoughts and our bodies. Love the concept of the idea.

More to come

Exactly i was referring to the electrification! Waiting for the next! ;)

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