Light Painting Portrait

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A Light Painting Living Room session at Dan's Place.

Let us enjoy this simplistic portrait. Here it's not about fancy effects yet a simplistic portrait that allows for me to set the light and the focus where I want. All again in-camera and not Photoshop.

This is a portrait was yet indeed a test shot that came out of a night of collaboration with friends from Denver. But test shot or not it if for me a shot worth taking for what it is. A cool Portrait.
Here I used the 12mm Laowa really close to Sylvia to make the arms look extra long and make the hug look close. The light was applied with the scanners I always use. The image I have posted prior to this was on nTopaz. Sadly the page does not exist. I consider a repost but let us see if I can revive the old post first.

Gunnar Heilmann Photogrpahy

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