Spring time is here - Apple Tree Light Painting Part II.

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Marking the season and looking for the summer

Seeing the blossom of my little apple tree marks the next season of the year. Spring is a full-on pollen eruption and we can start hoping for the warm weather. The winter has gone way too long this year.
Everything around in the neighborhood was flowering and everything was in blossom. Yet my tree was not showing any sign of spring. But nowhere it is full-on and I took it inside and played with some friends on it.

2021_05_09_Apple_LP_B (18)LR-2.jpg

That's when I got out my scanner and a fiber optic brush. In a relatively quick session, I decorated my tree with light. Almost like Xmas.

What I used here is as always my fiber-optic brush. First using the scanner lighting up the tree in step one. Secondly, I pulled the lens out of focus and used the fiber brush to get the light 'shadows' as a blur effect in the background. If you don't pull the lens out of focus the light trails are crisper and visible. You can see the difference in the third image.

As always to get the jiff of it one always tests the light conditions first and there is a simple light painting. This is the tree without any extra.

I hope it was informative and maybe also inspirational. If you have more questions please do not hesitate. I am happy to share my knowledge.

Gunnar Heilmann Photogrpahy

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