Photo: Being rare. No matter what they say. Grow strong!

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Tree number 4 - by Hector Corcin

When I go hiking, I usually like to leave the trails and get into the wilderness. Sometimes it is not easy but very rewarding. I avoid touristic or popular places, sometimes you cannot avoid it, but in general I am more comfortable alone in the forest, surrounded by trees and small animals everywhere. Maybe I am rare! I am sure I am not the only one, but it is probably rare. I wouldn't be able to be a tour guide or standard travel blogger. Anyway, I also like rare and unique forms like this tree in the middle of the forest, far from the crowded places. This tree probably suffered, but it was strong enough to keep growing and now, look at him! It has been there for a long time, probably not seen by many. This is what I enjoy the most and what I wanted to share here today with you. Thank you for reading!


dang that tree has a full on elbow! NEW FOLLOWER! Upvoted!!

Indeed! Thank you very much :)