Whisky Bay - Wilsons Prom

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We're not perfect. As a species, as a society, even as ourselves in the day to day. It takes hindsight and a collective look at our progress to see we are all capable of great cooperation. Change and adaptability are difficult for everyone in different ways. But as humans, you are built to cope with changes.
When you're feeling weak during these tough times remember; you are human.


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Absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you very much!

Nice !!!🙂

Thanks heaps!

This is so beautiful! <3

Much appreciated!

Always love the different speeds that show in these types of photos. Speedy clouds, slower water, rocks that give the impression of being there forever and definitely much longer than us puny things XD

Is that sunrise or sunset colours? So pretty with the gold touching everything.

This is a sunset. It helps with long exposures to keep some contrast with solid, detailed objects like rocks :)

Ohhh amazing man! No more words...

Thank you very much!

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Wow beautiful and the words were good too. It is important to remember we can deal with and even excel in times of change. Thanks.

It's a shame that we mainly see the people that aren't doing the right thing and ruining it for everyone else. But if everything went according to plan, there wouldn't be any news!

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