Lofoten Islands: Moody B&W shots

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Hi There!

Few similar shots from the same day and the same snow storm taken on Lofoten Islands during my photographic workshops in March 2020.

Even the worst and extreme weather looks amazing there! Magical land, wish to come back there soon, but don't know when I will have next opportunity.

For now all the workshops are held, traveling is almost impossible without long quarantine periods.

Really hope something will change by the fall 2021.







Available Workshops 2021

Colorful Autumn Time / Lofoten

Landscape Photography Workshops
9-16 October 2021
5 places available

Late Autumn & Auroras on Lofoten

Landscape Photography Workshops & Aurora Hunting
6-13 November 2021
5 places available

Details and bookings on: https://www.asphotovisions.com/lofoten-photoworkshops

Places to visit:

My web site: https://www.asphotovisions.com/
My insta: https://www.instagram.com/photo_visions/
My FB fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/AdrianSzatewiczPhotovisions/
My 35Photo: https://35photo.pro/adrianszatewicz
My 500px site: https://500px.com/photovisions_by_adrianszatewicz

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absolutely great and moody series