Norwegian Landscapes - Green Reflections

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Hi Folks!

Few days ago I moved to a new place - a room in a big house in Tanem - 20 km from Trondheim.

I started to explore some nearby areas - found a nice spot by the river Nidelva.
In that moment there was no wind and some sunlight broke through the clouds.

Typical, boreal spruce forest, abstract art in reflections...




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very nice , the first would be nice to make the reflection b/w as if you would show what we have the green and what it would look like with the environment mess we have in a view years.. but hey that is just me thinking crazy stuff :) i'm not a photo editor my self . but very nice green envirement you have there.

You are right - such a graphical, contrasty photos looks always good in b&w version. Good idea. Thanks for the comment.