Norwegian Landscapes - Summertime in the Mountains

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Hi Folks!

Another image from my latest trip to the mountains of middle Norway.

Here - Gjevilvatnet lake - amazing place in the heart of Trollheimen National Park.
It is well known from its crystal pure, cold waters and amazing, sandy beaches.

It was the last sunny day of July - so, many people came there to enjoy the sun and beach life.
Some of them came very late at night to set up a tent just by the water to enjoy the sunny day from early morning.

I was suprised how many water was in the lake - normally the shoreline is far from the place where You can see on the photo - and - there is a waterfall usually in a place where river meet the lake.

I had an idea to hike along the beach few km away, but with such a high water level it was impossible...

Photo - panoramic image made from 6 verticals.
Trollheimen mountains, Norway, June 2022.


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