price check, March

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How to make a portrait may be an easier topic for an amateur than one might expect. The more familiar it becomes, the more of the person you may capture. However, different, unique individuals lead to vast potential. Almost as a photograph represents itself, it also reflects the lens of the individual in action. Unbeknownst to a viewer is the remainder of the time in which the photographer spent. What remains the sight of moments noteworthy, a record done by one to the task.

$2.9 million

Paid at Sotheby’s for The Pond-Moonlight, a photograph taken by Edward Steichen in 1904. It’s the highest price ever fetched at auction for a photographic work.

How much money an image could earn is rarely on my mind. Yet, a time will come when I must value my efforts for compensation. Some experience taught me a few things, but I still lack. I’m not too concerned, as I don’t price them, I feel them. An intuition like a mother’s, hawkeyed or even a moral compass guide actions at times. Whether or not it finds value, perhaps people will remind me of what I provide. Again, I won’t have to ask, I’m sure they have a feel for it too.