St. Francis of Assisi Church Reflection ⛪ [EN/DE]

in #photofeedlast month


Another picture of St. Francis of Assisi Church - one of my favorite buildings in Vienna. You probably think that I created the reflection in Phtotoshop, but that's not the case. It was much easier. Does anyone of you have an idea how I could have done this? Little hint: I used something for this that you have with you almost all the time 😏

Ein weiteres Bild der Franz von Assisi Kirche - eines meiner Lieblingsgebäude in Wien. Ihr denkt wahrscheinlich, dass ich die Spiegelung in Phtotoshop erzeugt habe, aber das ist nicht der Fall. Es war viel einfacher. Hat jemand von euch eine Idee, wie ich das gemacht haben könnte? Kleiner Tipp: Ich habe dafür etwas benutzt, was man fast immer dabei hat 😏

Camera: Sony A7RIII
Lens: Sony 16-35 F2.8 G-Master
Settings: 35mm - F2.8 - 1/640 sec. - ISO100


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Was there, great church, great picture. !LUV

Thanks a lot! :-)

Absolutely unbelievable. This is mind blowing. You used a mirror for it didn't you?


Thanks a lot! It was much easier, I just used my phone as a mirror :-)