Gold Hill

in #photofeedlast year

Yesterday my wife and I went on a beautiful hike up Gold Hill near where we're staying. Most of the hike was on top of 4 feet of snow, and as the sun softened it towards the afternoon we started sinking in up to our hips periodically which made it a struggle to get down! We will definitely take snowshoes on our next hike. Such a beautiful hike with panoramic views of surrounding mountains when we got to the top!


CameraCanon 6D
Locationnear Frisco, Colorado



Was there gold in them there hills?

Sorry, had to. I'll see myself out.

Hive, please award one dad joke point to @caseygrimley, thanks!

U can't imagine how much I miss snow.. Living in Thailand since 3 years (29°C average temp through the year) is nice, but coming from a small mountain village which always had lots of snow makes me really miss it! :D

Nice shot!

Yeah man, warm weather is nice the majority of the time for sure, but there's definitely something magical about getting to experience some snow from time to time. I love how it can totally re-invent a landscape and it's almost like a whole different world. Hope you get to see some snow before too long! :)