Hiking up Frauenberg

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Automn is an amazing time for hiking, as the temperatures are quite right!

There are several places named Frauenberg, this particular one belongs to St. Marein im Muerztal in Styria. Frauenberg is the village, the spot itself is named Maria Rehkogel, and is part of a pilgrim's way.
The way we took is another easy hike, well fitted for beginners as you walk along a forest road.

As the route we took is not to find anywhere on the web (at least i didn't find it), i tried to recap it on google maps (Maps don't even knows that there's a way ;)

Here are a few impressions from the way.
After about half of the way you start to see the church

When looking around from there you will see a few Landmarks in the distance that are targets for the more experienced hikers.
Like Hochschwab (the grey massive in center left behind the green mountains)

and Hohe Veitsch (the way beyond, small grey peak in the center of the image).

At the end of this trail lies the church Maria Rehkogel (started building in the late 14th century):

From there you can hike on to some Inns that provide really good Food like Bergerbauer or Prieselbauer.
The way we took is displayed on this map.

Have a wonderful week starting, Peepz!