Staycation England - Beautiful beaches and charming towns

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Staycation England



I've been sharing some photos of England on Twitter and I've had some positive feedback. Many people expressed surprise, even disbelief, that I took some of those photos in England. Sure, England my not be known for picturesque beaches like Australia or The Bahamas, but there are some stunning seaside towns, marinas and, yes, beaches here too.

Mind you someone did (correctly) point out that the illusion of being on a tropical beach getaway is very quickly ended by stepping one foot into the water. The North Sea and English Channel are cold pretty much all year round. That's not totally a bad thing though. It's refreshing during the heatwaves that we sometimes get.

The ancient fishing villages and seaside towns, often well preserved, are just so charming. My favourite one so far is a place called Rye in East Sussex, which is a medieval town. West Bay is not as old as that, but is also very charming. There you will find what I've named the "cutest gift shop in the world".


Actually, some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK are in Scotland. I'm talking about the much desired white sand and calm blue water type of beach. Of course those beaches are cold AF most of the year, but if you get a really good hot and sunny summer's day, those beaches can rival anything in the Caribbean.

Don't believe me? Google "white sand beaches in Scotland" and check out the images. Amazing right?

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Truly, these pictures are beautiful especially the beaches. It increases my imagination outside Nigeria. One day I hope to see beaches outside the country as well.

Thank you :) Gotta book that trip to Benin Republic 😎

I had a few childhood holidays in Dorset as relatives had a caravan down there. Fun times. My son is travelling around Scotland right now, but not sure he's been in the sea yet. My sister married a Scot and her kids are always in the water. They are hardy up there.


I wonder how much it's changed since you were a child. The towns, probably not much, but the cliffs have probably moved back a bit.

This was a big shift. It's a long time since I was there. Will have to go back and see what I remember.



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Am sure many people in the Bahamas don't see their country as a vacation ground for them 24/7. Some might not even appreciate its beauty. We should each take a moment to be thankful for what we have and we'd be surprised

You're are 100% correct! I actually know some people from those kind of places and they don't rate their country much.