Beautiful building in the middle of downtown

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Hello my friends wherever you are, during my trip a while ago, I took the time to shoot some pictures of a very magnificent building in the center of the city in our province, namely in the city of Banda Aceh, this beautiful building is a great mosque that is very proud of the people of Aceh themselves, anyone who is on vacation in Aceh, both local people and foreign tourists, will definitely take the time to see the beauty of this historical building, especially in 2004, the province of Aceh was rocked by a severe disaster that claimed thousands of lives, known as Tsunami, this beautiful building is one of the remaining buildings today, and here are some pictures that I was able to capture, hopefully my friends like it







Photo TakenSmartphone OPPO Reno6
LensCamera Smartphone
LocationAceh - Indonesia


It looks beautifully laid out. I like the black domes on the top. They must really stand out when lit up at night! :)

yes, looks very beautiful

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