Enjoy the atmosphere in Sabang Merauke park

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Hello friends, I hope we are always given health and facilitated in all matters, again I want to tell you about a very pleasant trip even though it was full of obstacles and a little tiring, after enjoying the beauty of Klah Island, I immediately went to downtown Sabang especially in the afternoon the atmosphere is comfortable and of course we can see a lot of people there with various activities there, while in the city center I also as usual visit places that can make me relieve the stress and fatigue that is in my mind, in the city of Sabang there are also many beautiful mini parks and can sit around for a while to rest then we can see the surrounding conditions like in Sabang Marauke Park which is very close to the expanse of the sea we can see the view of the beauty of the sea in this park, this park area is also opposite the Sabang mayor's office, Marauke Sabang park is a very beautiful. very strategic when we are in this park we can see people's houses lined up neatly along the beach, I also went to several places to capture very beautiful moments in my life, I hope my friends like it











Photo TakenSmartphone OPPO Reno6
LensLens Smartphone
LocationSabang, Aceh - Indonesia


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