Seeing the underwater beauty with a glass boat

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Hello friends, I hope we are always given health and facilitated in all matters, this time I want to share a little story when I was on a beach full of beautiful places, natural beauty that is so real, as we all know, Rubiah Island is one of the island is very much visited by tourists from various parts of the world, here we will get various vehicle spots that must be tried, one of which is to see the underwater beauty using a glass boat, many tourists rent this boat to sail around rubiah island to see the beauty of the island -the existing islands and also see ornamental fish playing on the coral reefs

why is it said a glass boat, this boat is designed for tourists who want to see the beauty under the sea, in the middle of the boat there is a wide transparent glass, you could say a glass floor, with this boat tourists can enjoy underwater rides such as the beauty of coral reefs, ornamental fish and natural scenery around the beach, this boat can be rented for around 250-300 thousand rupiah, and I have taken some pictures of this glass boat, even though I myself can't ride this boat, I hope my friends like what I share










Photo TakenSmartphone OPPO Reno6
LensLens Smartphone
LocationSabang, Aceh - Indonesia


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