Traditional means of transportation adorn the streets at night

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Hello friends, I hope we are always given health and facilitated in all matters, recently in our area there have been a number of decorative wagons that cross the village streets, wagons are a traditional means of transportation which has started to operate again as a game service for children, which has been modified in such a way, with colorful lights on each part, this aims to attract the attention of children, not only children, adults can ride it, this decorative horse carriage usually operates at night, between at eight to ten in the evening, on the village road route, to get around using the services of this decorative horse-drawn carriage, a fee of 5,000 rupiah per person is charged at a predetermined distance, this of course makes children very interested in trying to ride this traditional means of transportation, especially already equipped with the sound of music, previously we could only find delman in the city as a means of transportation before there were motorbikes and cars like today, everything has changed and this traditional means of transportation has begun to be abandoned




Photo TakenSmartphone OPPO Reno6
LensLens Smartphone
LocationNorth Aceh - Indonesia


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