Welcome to Rubiah Island

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Hello friends, I hope we are always given health and facilitated in all matters, this time I want to share a little story about my trip to a tourist island, namely Rubiah Island, which is a paradise for tourists to snorkel. it's a shame I couldn't take many pictures that I can share, because the weather was raining, even though I was already on this island actually Palau Rubiah is a small island not far from Sabang Island, and when I explored this island there were only a few buildings that were very historic, old buildings such as the quarantine hostel for pilgrims is located right in the middle of this island and there are several houses that are no longer inhabited, even though Rubiah Island is the most popular to visit but no one lives on this island, every day people come to this island, late afternoon the next day I immediately returned to Sabang Island, I also don't know why, namely on this island there are also several graves of Siti Rubiah's relatives, she is the wife of a glorified person on Sabang Island, therefore this island is taken from a name that is full of history, and I also took the time to visit a building on the beach of Rubiah Island, according to the story this house is a house foreign tourists who are no longer inhabited, and also no one lives in this house and looks unkempt, this is where I take selfies, especially the sea views which are very beautiful, that's a little story that I can tell, I hope my friends like it








Photo TakenSmartphone OPPO Reno6
LensLens Smartphone
LocationSabang, Aceh - Indonesia