6 fotografie per la lettera A

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6 soggetti fotografici con la A

6 photographic subjects beginning with A

The name of the subjects of next 6 photographs of mine begins with A.
With this post I intend to take part in "the ALPHABET HUNT" by @ barbara-orenya


Le mie prossime 6 fotografie sono dedicate a dei soggetti il cui nome inizia con la A.
Con questo post intendo partecipare a “the ALPHABET HUNT” di @barbara-orenya

Text and photos by @adinapoli

A aquarius.jpg
Aquarium / Acquario (ph. a.d.n.)

A apples.jpg
Apples / Mele (ph.a.d.n.)

A alone.jpg
Alone / Solo (ph. a.d.n.)

A aperitif.jpg
Aperitif / Aperitivo (ph. a.d.n.)

A aces.JPG
Aces / Assi (ph. a.d.n.)

A archi arch.JPG
Arches / Archi (ph. a.d.n.)

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Cool ...successful challenge ! ^_^ the "alone" concept is well thought, that's great that we all think to different things to illustrate this theme of letter "A " ...I also enjoy the Aces cards 😊