Street photography with a phone

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Is it possible to do street photography with just a phone? I had the opportunity to test it few weeks ago, when I happened to forget to charge the batteries on my Fuji. Weather conditions where perfect for shooting with a thick fog sitting low in the streets.

First 4 photos are taken with my Samsung phone and as you can see there isn't a noticeable difference in quality or render. Especially if you are going for an aesthetic result instead of capturing subjects up close and in fast pace.

On the way back, as the night came down, I switched back to Fuji which had power for few more shots.


Изванредан пример да је истински алат фотографа светло, а не фотоапарат. Машина само бележи оно што човек види :)

Apsolutno, @lighteye, dobar fotograf ce i sa prosecnim alatom napraviti vrhunski rezultat.

You have shown that it is possible because the photos look great, I like street photography tells stories

Thanks, @cryptoxicate, glad you like it!

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Haunting, moody series, @alcibiades. You've captured the mystery and magic of the night quite well, here. I, especially, appreciate the power of the light in the dark and take it as a metaphor for Hope...