Are there no HIVE photographers on Twitter?

in #photography2 years ago

I posted a Twitter challenge for Hive photographers to make our platform a little more visible in the Twitter photography community. It'd be fun to see more photographers join #Hive.


Apart from the picture I posted to the thread, I got no other replies though.

So is everyone asleep, or am I doing this wrong?

Here's a link to the Tweet:

I'll check up on this post and the tweet a bit later. But for now, I'll be off to shoot a photo or few, for it's the Finnish national Nature Day today!


I think, hive users also in twitter platform but they are lack off photography or having quality type of that photo just like me....







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Well quality does not matter too much, if you like taking photos. Every photographer was a beginner once.

This is also a beautiful speech to motivation, and it will help me in my work.


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Perhaps people don’t have Twitter accounts!
I don’t have one!lol

I have seen people promote Hive on Twitter before.

Well, maybe they aren't anymore. Who knows what's happening?

Have you tried Telegram?! People are anti-Twitter as it shuts down many accounts who are against surveillance and nanochips in vaccines!

I use it, but I don't know very many people who also use it.

Just make a post. I know there are crypto people out there. And many people could do with some extra income from posting on Hive or Ecency!

i'm on Twitter but don't post about Hive much.
more about film and street photography