Kuvajoulukalenteri – Photo Advent Calendar (8/24)

in #photographylast year (edited)

Kahdeksannen luukun takaa löydämme lähes lähes -20°C:n pakkasen.

Behind the eight door we will find nearly -20°C of cold weather.

Nyt pian kotiin lämmittelemään! Kuuma kaakao tai glögi auttaa lämpiämään.

Now quickly back to the warmth of home! A cup of hot cocoa or glögg will help warm up.

Huomisiin! Till tomorrow!

P.S. Jos pidät kalenterista, olisin kiitollinen, jos jakaisit sitä! // If you like this calendar, please share it with your friends!

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Wow that blur then the sharp image, so fantastic!

Thanks! I wonder if there's a way to efficiently promote posts though. Do you have any suggestions?

Nope have no idea of that :(

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I wanna have a hot chocolate drink too! LoL
It’s cold here at 16 degree Celsius!

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