Temple of Hephaistos - Athens

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 Temple of Hephaistos (ca. 460 -415 BC ) 

 The temple was made in honor of Hephaistos, patron of metal workers, and Athena Ergane, patroness of potters and crafts, by an unknown architect. It is the best preserved of its type in the Greek world, as a doric peripteral temple, with fore-temple (pronaus), inner shrine (cella), amd rear temple(opisthonaos). The Temple of Hephaistos was converted into the church of St. George (7th century) and used as a burial place for protestants in the 19th century. Before becoming a museum in 1930, it was the site of the official welcome of King Otto. 

I was surprised to see turtles walking through the vegetation.

The temple was built with Pentelic marble, and it occupies the top of Kolonos Agoraios Hill, with a view to Acropolis. 

 All photos and video are mine, taken with Panasonic Lumix GX80, 1232 lens, at Ancient Agora, Athens in June 2018.


I love this photo, i mean that place looks strong and solid despite the years and years. Regards

It is the best preserved of its kind, truly amazing to see upfront.

This is awesome and there are also turtles walking around! Thanks for sharing!

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Yes, the turtles were a pleasant surprise!

I love turtles, they are one of my favourite animals! 😍

Wonderful temple, it is one of the most preserved in Greece and its structure is truly impressive, even knowing that it started to be built in 449 a.C.

For me, the main attraction of the agora is that it unites nature with ancient monuments, which is ultimately a huge park full of trees, and gradually find columns and statues of classical Greece that are in perfect harmony with landscape.

Thank you for showing us a bit of ancient Greece. =)

That describes perfectly the site of Ancient Agora!
Have you been recently ?
Athens has many ancient sites that are worth seeing.

I was missed your posts, dear Anca 😁 Welcome again 😁😊

Thank you for the great welcome! I have been kind of missing these days :)

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Beautiful view...
Amazing photographs Temple of Hephaistos ...

Great pics.. I need to travel! :)

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