Definitely out of town this time.

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Yes, this time, instead of looking for green enclaves in the city, I left the civilization behind. I visited my aunt, who has a small piece of land several dozen kilometers from Krakow. I usually help her a little in gardening, but mainly I rest there.

My aunt likes changes and never gets bored - she always finds something to do, although she is already 75 years old. That's why every time I come there, I find something new, or it turns out that something has disappeared :)

It's a small area, but full of natural wonders; especially when you pay attention to the details. In such circumstances, I always regret that I don't have better photographic equipment, only a cell phone. How to reflect the beauty of nature?

This year, we won't have much fruit and walnuts from the garden. Winter was strange, without frost and snow ... and despite the recent rainfall the land is still too dry. It's not good for trees and plants. But it's still beautiful here.

Full of poppies again. My aunt calls them weeds, but I love them :)

Drops of water after the rain looked like pearls; unfortunately, my phone could not cope with the photos good enough. It couldn't catch the focus precisely on the drops.

Several peonies appeared in a sea of ​​greenery.

This is my favorite corner, with ferns and a few other plants. In the back, you can see the small house. This is not a residential house, but there is a fridge, sink, gas stove, and bed inside. In the summer you can sleep there. The toilet is outside, and I don't like it very much. It's always full of spiders.

I sat there for an hour, looking closely at everything and taking pictures. Finally, my aunt asked me to help mowing the lawn. To be honest, I prefer tall grass, like in the meadows... but I think my aunt has the right to arrange this place her own way. When I dream about my garden, I see wild grass, meadow flowers and ... weeds;) Well, perhaps in the future...

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It is great to get away from the city and be in touch with the perfect nature. it is always magic. and your photos are successful. I am sure that you are under the influence of this magic. I have reviewed your work and it is a pleasure to follow you.

Thank you, @xxxthorxxx, I'm glad to hear that :)

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