Vintage Photos - eBay Set #1 (233-236)

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I made some impulse buys after getting a new scanner and picked up a huge batch of slides a while back. These pictures span from as early as the late 1940s to as late as the early 1990s. These were from Goodwill and eBay (sometimes via estate sales). There are many thousands of these slides. I will be scanning some from time to time and posting them here for posterity.

This set continues a batch of slides that I bought on eBay a while back. I don't have as much to go on as to the ultimate origin of these compared to the previous batch I was working on. They came to me from eBay and most likely were picked up at an estate sale by the seller. Most of them seem to be taken in the 1960s and same individuals are included in many of the photos. It looks like there are some that were taken in Miami and some that were taken in New Jersey and perhaps elsewhere. I get the impression that Miami was a vacation spot for this family.

The first two photos in this set are a continuation of the Miami Beach photos from the last set. These feature a different couple, probably related somehow to the older couple.

The next two photos were both processed in June 1966. I can't really tell if they were taken at the same place/time. The first features the older gentleman that's seen throughout many of these photos dressed in a suit an pink tie that have also shown up in previous photos. The second is taken inside (possibly of the building he is standing outside of in the previous photo but I can't really tell) and appears to be of a fashion show of some kind. I would guess this was a fund raiser or something like that.

processed June 1966

processed June 1966

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The entire collection that has been scanned and uploaded so far can also be found here. This also includes higher resolution versions and versions with post processing.