Saskatchewan Sunset

in #photography5 months ago

A few more pics from a fantastic Saskatchewan Sunset, a couple of weeks ago, and as always, brought to you by the

Land of Living Skies!


Huawei P20 Pro



@daveks nice photo shot! The sky was well captured.

The more I see your posts the more I'm thinking to opt for a Huawei when the time will come to bury my Samsung. I was thinking at some point about a DSLR but rarely do you have your camera with you when encountering such moments. I'm a fan of smartphone photography and was thinking to step up with my photography passion but the availability issue would keep me away from a DSLR. Will have to decide by the end of the year because that's when I believe my current smartphone will for sure be set aside.

When I’m in the mountains I carry 1 dslr and 1 smartphone. It’s just so easy to snap away with that smartphone, the ratio is about 1/3 dslr and 2/3 smartphone shots. I take a lot of pictures. What makes the Huawei really good is the partnership it has with Leica lens. That being said, Samsung is very good too.

When I bought my S7 I was inclined towards the P9 as well, the one that introduced the dual lens from Leica. From reviews though, and my short experience it was clear that on auto mode pictures would be better on Samsung. With a few updates they managed to make the camera worse though. i guess they do that for people to buy new smartphones.

Before I bought the Huawei, I was using a Samsung S7 edge. The pic quality was actually very impressive. The recently released S20 ultra looks interesting too. Heard there was a few software glitches that needed to be ironed out though.