A soothing shot! Cheers!

Lovely sunsets. First photo is fantastic without knowing if the sun is peeking up or going down.

Both pics stunning. Everything kissed with a warm glow.
Where we stay we only catch the sunrises but I do love them very much.
Thank you for sharing.

Glad you liked them, and thanks for stopping by!

Hi @daveks are you alright? not seen you on here in ages, and that's not like you. hope you are well, drop me a message in discord if you can. :D

Haven’t gone anywhere, I’m here!

that's right strange as none of your posts are coming up on my feed, and auto upvoter isn't working, do you have any idea why?

Are you using They shut down steemauto. Maybe somehow you unsubscribed, check that.

Yep your right, when did they do that then? I've re done it so I am hoping that things get back to normal now :D

It was shutdown about 3 weeks ago or so.

That's probably why then, I didn't know. I have resigned up to the version in hive and we will see if that works or not. :D

These are both very nice. I think you would love the twin suns setting on Tatooine. The bars in Mos Eisley are also quite lively :)

You are quite right!

Would be a nice place if you could park without fear the Jawas would steal most of the vehicle before you got back. Ah well you can't have everything. I was referring to Tatooine not Canada of course ;)

Indeed, friend from a far.