Film Photos - part 1

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My first self developed film roll, I’m so proud. I'm always so nervous shooting film because it's full manual and I think I've exposed and focused everything all wrong, wasting time and money. I was pretty surprised to see that there were only like two or three shots in the whole roll that were completely off, and others were fine.

Now that I've done the developing process myself, and most likely will do it myself from now on, I can start to experiment more with film and see how it acts when I change some values or times.

As a contrast to all the digital shooting with sharp lenses, I'm a huge fan of the grainy film look. It's so real and true and raw. I just ordered four more rolls of film and I'm eager to shoot more.

These were shot on a Canon AE-1, with a 50mm f1.8 lens, on a Kodak Tri-x 400 film.






Last shot on the roll got messed up, but I kinda like it.



@eveuncovered film. See what I did there? The last shot reinforces my takeaway from film. Imperfections do not compromise beauty.. I also like your choice of lens! It wouldn't be my line of work without the nifty fifty! As a contemporary, your foray into film excites me almost as much as mine. Cheers to a new medium of expression.

I see what you did there! I can't really speak of "choice" as the camera and the lens were given to me so that's what I use :D This is an exciting journey and I have lot to learn and experiment with.

pretty cool Shots... and ... uhm.. these Hands in the Gras 🤤 However, i love old lenses and the special look of it.

Thanks! I think I will try to shoot things and humans in places that compliment the old film look, so that it isn't as easy to tell what decade they were taken in.

The window shot is nice...Still, I reckon you could do with some assistance in the darkroom...Just to make sure it's all done right.

Well I did apparently underdevelop the film a bit so yeah, I need assistance.

Into the darkroom we go...

These look wonderful! The one thing the rest of us non-camera people don't normally notice much is the character that's present in film photography, instead of just using a point and shoot. Each little imperfection brings a unique personality to it :-D