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Photo by Juho Yläjärvi, edit by me.

I listen better when I have something to do with my hands so I usually do something on Photoshop when I'm at school. I asked Juho for some of the raw pictures from our shoot so I would have something to work on. I should make it a point to gather images that need to be heavily edited so I have always a library full of my own images to process.

We didn't really have a need for a photo like this, just decided to try if we could make a good hair flip photo. I think this took about 20 tries, which is really not bad at all. It's not the easiest kind of photo to model and shoot, timing is so crucial in this and having the pose, face and hair all looking good while in motion is quite hard, and you need to get a bit lucky.

While I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to either my photography or the photos I am myself in, hence the self portraits, I am open to leaving room for both error and luck. One can of course plan shoots in the studio, with no natural light, using a professional model, and hire professional hair, makeup and wardrobe team to execute a very precise vision, but there is something quite soulless about it. I'm not saying those kinds of shots are not needed, but I quite prefer leaving in more aspects of reality. OR it might just be that I really don't have the skills the make a perfect image where every single lash and strand of hair is perfectly positioned to look fab...

When I look at the works of my favourite photographers, like Helmut Newton and Peter Lindbergh, none of them are perfect. They have shot the most beautiful people in the world and had access to resources us mere mortals don't have, but when it comes down to making images that keep their value for years and years, it comes down to the artistic expression and storytelling that sets them apart.

I see people using expensive gear, bright lights and big studios, who make absolute garbage of images, trash you won't stop to look when it comes to your feed when scrolling instagram. That is actually mostly what you see, it's quite hard to find good photography these days, when it's buried under all the glitz and glam and filters.

I try my hardest to make sure my own expression and the way I see images stays intact and isn't influenced by trash. It's so easy to loose your way when you see other people doing things differently and using a lot of gear to do what they do. I think my biggest asset in the world of photography is the way I see the world around me in pictures, and my unwavering vision on what I want my images to look like.


Did your hair grow? Looks longer to me. Enough to hide those devil horns or is that in the details? 😈

As far as I know my hair grows every day :D My horns are retractable.

retractable = adaptable

I like that.

It's all worth it.

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Agree filters and all make the world seem too fake

People are fake in real life too :)

I like me a good hairflip...I mean people with long hair doing it, not me...My hairflips would be rather rather unimpressive really, and I'd probably throw my neck out and have to spend $300 at the chiropractor to get it right again.

As long as the hairflip doesn't look the same as Trumps hair piece running away.

Mine is a bit like this but with less hair and gayness...In fact, it's actually nothing like this at all really.

Hey, did you change you profile picture, AGAIN!?

I get bored looking at the same profile picture so change it...It must be terrifying for everyone else to have to have to do so also. 🥴

”Who is this guy commenting to me, speaking as if he knows me!?”

A total nobody.

Old style images or natural photography shots are really stunning and the quality takes longer when it comes to printing. But when it comes to preserving its true beauty and condition, our time is much better now.

When it comes to photography, photography is best without a filter. You get the natural color and shape of something and its true reaction and emotion.

There really is not such a thing as natural colour when the picture comes straight from the camera. It's the tiny Japanese engineers (who lives inside every digital camera) version of what he thinks it's what you want. Sometimes he is right, often not :D

Yeah. Hahaha... Often not. Maybe it depend to the printer? Or better to manual paint the person. LOL

I can imagine this being incredibly to nail, but it's definitely worth it for the awesome photos! I don't know why, but I've always thought that hairflip photos are done with a huge fan blowing from underneath them, as their hair is loosened up by bottles of L'Oreal 😅

I'm sure some are, but it really depends on what you want. Luckily my hair is naturally silky smooth like in the Loreal shampoo and conditioned ads 😝

Haha, that makes it much easier, then! My hair is quite the opposite of that, the sort where your fingers get all tangled up as you run it through. I'm definitely going to need better shampoos 😅

Absolutely stunning photo thanks for sharing 👍🏾

Thank you for viewing! :)

Not a problem 👍🏾

That is a pretty great hairflip.

I just was thinking having a great makeup artist and hair team and a wardrobe crew would be pretty damn fun.