Let’s Have Some Fun

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We’ve been having quite a fun week in school. Today I was the model because I shot and directed yesterday so I wanted a break. Don’t really have to compete with anyone for that position though, most of my classmates like to stay strictly behind the camera.

We were playing with many lights and coloured gels today. I feel like gels are quite tacky often but it’s good to know how to use them if ever needed for something. It’s fun to see how different colours work and how well they stick to light and dark parts of the image.

I’m learning so much every day, even when the actual pictures we make aren’t a style I’m too keen on. I’m also finding a lot of joy from the problem solving because that is what photography really is, there are things you need shown, and things you want to minimize, then you figure out all the pieces you can move and change to get the results you want. I guess I’m a bit weird for liking that part.


I hate it when that happens. Sometimes I'll walk around all day without even noticing my head is on backwards.

I quite like it, gives you a different perspective on life :)

Makes it kind of hard to look forward to things in life though.

I've missed you!

Hey, it's talking to me, wait your turn!

How do you know who he's talking to, you cant see shit!

Are you one of those twisted individuals who listens with their eyes?

I am - tougher to bullshit me with your face.

Shouldn't be listening to bullshit anyway...

Classic nonames...He's back. :)

Lol, I hate it when that happens.

You always do come up with creative work. I like the colors.

Lol I have nothing to do with this, other than being the model. I let other people try what ever they colours wanted on me :D

The black against the bright colours is a good look...I like the new hairstyle too.

I'm glad you like my hair, it took a considerable amount of hairspray to stay like that!

Lol...I feel sorry for the brush, it'd be worn out for sure...Although, maybe it enjoyed the experience?

P.s. If I had long hair, (which I did at one point in the 1990's) that's what it would look like in the morning! Lol.

Any change you'd show us a picture from that long hair don't care -period? :D

Lol...I've been asked before and I said no...Same this time. In person I'd show you, but not on the blockchain. 😉