Night Photography

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I love to look at night time photos of cities, but I very rarely do any myself. Today I felt energised enough in the evening to go see what the city center looks like these days. I wasn't expecting there to be much of any traffic or people, and I was right, it was really really quiet, I only saw a few people.

I think I saw only one bar open, and a few kebab places. A couple dog walkers and a few people on their bikes. Nice and peaceful.

Note to self: do more night photography and get better at it!

Shot with the Fujifilm x100f.







We officially have ghost towns people!!! :O

Yayyyy! Finally some peace and don’t have to be looking over my shoulder.

Yeah It's good to have a break from all the people! :D

Imagining you like a ghost out on the streets :)

Well I am pale, move silently and can be scary 😈

These are GREAT!
Well done on the long exposure at the bottom.
All of them, really... well done

Oh thank you! I’m happy to hear you like these as it’s not what I usually shoot.

True, not your normal, but it's fun every once in a while, to branch out. I normally never shoot people (with my camera) but every once in a while, it's fun.

Liking the blue tones with the dark. A fantastic combination.

I was testing a photoshop preset my school mate made and used that as a base for these, turned out pretty good I think.

It’s heart breaking seeing no drunk people stumbling out of kebabs shops! I wonder what they are all doing now

I know right, it's so boring when nobody is fighting over döner kebab.

I really love shots taken at night. They have this eerie and mystic vibe to them, especially with the neon lights.
Also, Jyväskylän Kebab makes me laugh like a maniac, I have no idea why. xD

What is so funny about it, don't you have the Ä and Ö too? :D

We have them, yes, but it's still funny. I literally have no idea why. Sometimes random phrases make me laugh like a maniac. xD

These are fantastic. The second shot, the one with the kebab shop is just rad. I love the colors and the composition. You are already a really good street photographer.

Thank you so much! I love street photography but I need to get better at it during the night. I don't pause long enough to get sharp shots every time 😅