Random Abandon

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When I do photography I prefer to do it in a storytelling way, where I shoot a lot from the same place or situation, but there is not always enough to shoot. I snap random pictures here and there when I see something of interest, but those pictures I either use as a cover for a freewrite, or they just stay gathering dust on the hard drive. I need to make more of an effort to gather up the random shots and at least process them to jpegs so if I even need some of them, they are ready to be used.

These shots here are from the past couple trips to the countryside home, where I didn't do that much shooting I think, but snapped these around the village. Surely I have posted something similar along the years, but don't remember when so maybe you won't either.








The moss on the car looks so cool!

It's one of my fave spots to visit in the woods :)

I can see why, it is beautiful

Manually curated by brumest from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Nice bit of grot there

I had to google grot, I use the word gritty for this :)

Grot is my term of affection for all things decayed.
Gritty is acceptable 😊

i have a dream. i want to sleep in a abounded house for one night.

I don’t think that is too hard to fulfill.

these are very cool photos! I liked them!

Cool...I like this old car 👌☺👌👌

A very nice hut in the middle of the forest. I think it would be nice to live here.