Smartphone photography-2022. Part 4

I sometimes wonder if I was famous to a multi-million audience, how would my blogging language change?


I can say that I only got bolder here! Yes, living people read me, but there are not even a hundred of them...

Things are a little better on social media in terms of readership and following, but I'm still in the underground...that is, at the bottom.

I am sure that I will gain popularity, perhaps even worldwide. But for this you need to work at the same, and maybe even at a slightly increased pace.

Times change quickly and constantly, so I need to shoot as long as I can.

This is my cross in life...and I have to bear it.

Do you think it's that easy? Do you think it's entertainment or a hobby?

This is the hardest work. This is not only physical work (25 thousand steps a day), but also continuous work on oneself.

"As you walk, so you eat!"

...And then you still need to process the photographic material, make a selection, write the text...

And not every day there is a desire to do this. And not every day there are thoughts to write.

But I honestly do my job...without days off.

Omissions of posts happen only due to insurmountable circumstances.

I love statistics. Sometimes I even collect data for her myself. And now I'm wondering how many days have I missed since 2017?

Didn't miss a single day last month!

And for the posts I need material...


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