Beauty With a Dash of Bug (Original Photography)

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The grasshopper was back at it, adorning the single blooming sunflower in front of my parents' home. It turned out not to be a grasshopper, but a katydid. The flower, itself, has become a hub for tiny pollinators.

Red-Eyed Bug

It's interesting to watch these creatures up-close. You would think a bee with a huge stinger would worry the katydid, but they both just kept their distance and left each other alone.

Keeping Their Distance

It took a few tries (30 or so?) to get a clear-ish shot of his little face. A slight breeze was rocking the flower too and fro and, though he was a good midel, the katydidwasn't incredibly still either.

Katy Did's Portrait

Meanwhile, on a Turk's Cap not so very far away, this bug was trying to get a little pollen. I've not seen one of these before, and couldn't tell you what it is. There are a couple ants off to the side, but they were avoiding the big one.

Beaudy & Mini-Beast

This next one is my favorite of this group. The bee's face isn't 100% in focus, but of you zoom in, you can see the purple reflection of the flower in his eyes and the individual pieces of pollen on the piece of flower right in front of him.

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

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Such amazing captures!

Holy, you definitely have a knack for naming your photos! I always look fwd to reading the titles and blowing up the photos :) I have NO idea how you managed to get that incredible photo of the grasshopper and that bee without making them jump/fly at you or away from you! lol

Thanks! I didn't realize it when posting, but that second to last one is a bit grotesque. He's munching on someone's leg? The bee was fast, so I snapped a lot of photos to get him. Same with the grasshopper, really, though he was show and docile. The flower swaying in the breeze made that one though!

Congrats!!!! So well deserved getting the curie!!!!! Woot woot!!

Oh too funny!! That bug IS munching on someone’s leg! Haaaa

Hi fotosdenada,

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It can be a harsh world in bug-land, that's for sure. "Mind if I have lunch, while you just sit there". Yikes. Thank the lord and pass the bisquits they can't get huge like in the movies, due to not having an endoskeleton. We'd be in serious trouble...
Your photos are gorgeous. Classic to shoot 'with the wind'..."Come on, back into focus Katy". The joys of the craft, that's for sure. I like too that Mr. Bee is looking out through the petals. Or is it a Mrs.? Can't remember which. Great shot.

Thank you! With most bees, the queen stays with the hive, but I'm not sure about the loner species.

Yeah... Prehistoric records show they for a lot larger, when there was much more oxygen in the atmosphere. Still not as big as us, but I'm glad there aren't 4' dragonflies in modern times...

What greta shots wonderful detail and gorgeous colors

Thanks! It was fun trying to get them.

@fotosdenada thats whats most important but they are awesome

I wander how you managed to see them in first place .. You have a pilot's eye !

I wish! I actually have some major vision problems. I mostly find these little creatures while exploring the garden... and hoping they stay put long enough for a photo.

Oh.. Sry about that. Then you have the luck by your side !
PS . Search about the bluberries benefits for eye diseases .
Have a nice day !

Incredible macro shots @fotosdenada with lots of interesting information. Congratulations on the success of this great blog.

Thanks! They were fun to take. Getting things in focus was a challene, this time.

Well you definitely succeeded there @fotosdenada The details are terrific!