WALLPAPER | Lama at Dusk

in #photography5 years ago

01 Main Thumbnail Lama at Dusk.jpg

LAMA AT DUSK settling in for the night, among some protective boulders in a grassy oceanic scenery. Armed to the teeths with high velocity enzymes, reserved for any bold photographer overstepping his welcome.

Photo Editing: Brightness and contrast adjustments.

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Have a great day!


Wow! The colors are looking so great and beautiful. I always love the sunsets.

Thanks onephoto! I very much enjoy the sunsets as well!

Hey futile that is a great shot, you have earned an upvote from me ! Did you know about the latest addition to the steem blockchain ? It’s called Artisteem and as you may have guess from the name it is focus around art, you should really check it out ! (http://www.artisteem.com/)

Thanks for taking the time artisteem!
Artisteem looks like a great concept, and the content there is awesome! I will definitely be spending more time there.

Great picture... you got some great photography skill...by the way i love sunsets.. great work.. 👍

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Thanks! Very glad you like it!

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