Behind the Scenes at a restaurant photoshoot

in #photography3 months ago

Hey guys, been so busy this week while being Boise but I thought I'd share some behind the scenes pics of a photoshoot I did for Coyne's Restaurant in Eagle Idaho. (btw, these were just snaps on my phone of the set-up. Sorry for the bad quality.)






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You're the realest foodie ever, look at all that chicken and the meat. I basically couldn't recognise any of the food except for the orange juice and the grape inside it. It's a lovely photoshoot. How much did you pay for all that food?

It all looks delicious! I hope you got to eat something in addition to taking all the photos.

LOL! I like how you preface your lovely phone captured photos regarding potentially inferior quality, they are lovely, and so is the food! I have to descend into Boise sometime this spring and I am definitely going to stop by Coyne's for a nosh, their cuisine looks divine! Hope you are having a lovely day!