✨✨Lisbon Street Art✨✨


One of the coolest places I've ever visited. The LX Factory in Lisbon. It once was a manufacturing site but for over a decade has transformed into an artist's playground for every style. One of the coolest wall art pieces, if a bit startling for those of us who aren't fond of insects, is by Bordalo II. He's an incredible mixed media artist who's work can be seen in cities across the globe. Definitely worth a Google search if you're curious.


I saw the thumbnail and it looked familiar. 😊

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Beautifully done, I think the street art is a bee somehow and I don't know the material used in making it, all i can say is that it's a lovely shot. You seem to love your time in Lisbon

Bordalo has amazing artwork. He has several more pieces scattered through Lisboa and whereabouts! 😉

Lisboa Day Two23.jpg

Same picture :P

I wonder why my comment is hidden.. Strange!!