[steepshot] World Environment Day. Plastic.

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June 5th. Happy World Environment Day. this year the theme is plastic and its pollution problems and possible solutions so that I can't take more pictures like this one, which by the way it can be much more tragic.
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5 de Junio. Feliz Día internacional del medio ambiente. Este año el tema principal es el plástico, los problemas que genera y posibles soluciones para que no pueda sacar más fotos como ésta, que creo que es la más suave que se puede poner sobre el tema que es muy trágico

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Always so nice to see you posting!! I was telling @yidneth that you can make even scenery filled with litter look interesting with your photography. I love this very much and it's such an important day of reflection and a reminder to respect our beautiful Earth. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you :)
it is a challenge I like to do sometimes... to look for beauty even when there doesn't seem to be beauty at first. Most of the times, when the human scale is destroyed, I can still go into the macro world and I can find it there.

Plastic pollution is a major challenge of our time and it makes me cry each time i think of a plastic future. The impacts of plastics are unmeasurable and we just need to change and become more concious of our actions on the planet. Together we can beat plastic pollution and feel free to stop by our blog to learn about how we commemorated World Environment Day in Cameroon

There is a company in southern California now that makes biodegradable bottles and such from kitchen compost really cool concept and of course hemp is the other solution!

I have faith in a new breakthrough, about some bacterias that eat and break the plastic. But this would require much better recycling too. All solutions must be done at the same time.

Meanwhile... 1 million plastic bottles are sold each minute. And we recycle only 15%
Almost all products I see in stores are in plastic packages... It's like a nightmare. But plastic eating bacterias must be happy I guess. ;)

This sounds interesting and we will like to know more about their work or contact details.