Why, Yellow There!

in #photography7 months ago

When I find a scene like the one below, I often start to wonder what it would be like to be a landscape photographer on another planet. Just imagine what a sunrise at the mountains on Pluto would be like. Scenes like the one below aren't something you get to see every day. We happen to be driving around the countryside and came over the hill and was greeted with this very yellow view.
@heyalexa got out of the car and took off running through the field.
The field of yellow seemed like it never ended. It was a really cool find!

We decided to try out a couple portraits, too!

A few more shots and then we were out of there! There are only so many photos one can take in a scene like this. Plus, there were bees everywhere! Luckily, neither one of us were stung.

Thank you for checking out my content! It is greatly appreciated! Have a good day :)

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I really like the one where she is throwing the hat.

Thanks, man! I think that one is my favorite, too. :)

Ive got a yellow post coming out soon, bit out of focus, but still liked it enough to post. In about 45 min or so.