Photo Soot with Vera on the beach (Part 2)

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Photo Soot with Vera on the beach (Part 2)

Yesterday I posted some photos of my friend Vera that we took on the beach outside of an abandoned resort. Today I'll post the remainder of these photos.

The second set I feel came out stronger than the first set. In these, we start to play with more of the reflection. Here is a chance I recommend doing a photoshoot with the mirror. It provides a lot of opportunities to experiment with reflections and light.

Well, enough of my rambling please enjoy these photos and let me know your thoughts!


  • Climbing into the rocks this is a small cave between two big boulders.


  • While sometimes I think it might be a cheap ploy, this is the image I flipped upside down. It does create interesting effects.


  • She was almost washed over a few times in these waves but it does create a fun energy.


  • For this shot to work I think we need a longer mirror. But you could see a big pagoda background Above her head.


  • I'm sure you tell but this picture was flipped 90° counterclockwise. I think it works slightly better this way.


  • Another Mirror reaching out, I think this one works better as this screen is cut in half between the hard rock in the reflection


  • In this shot, the reflection of the sun really lit up the face interesting Way and highlighted


  • Another photo featuring strong bounce light from the mere rating almost a magical Glowing effect.

I hope you enjoyed some of these photos and are inspired to go out to take some pictures of your own!


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