June Float Trip: Jacks Fork River

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It's been a while since i've actually made a post of my own here, so I thought it was time....

We love our rivers here so much and try to float as many times as we can! I think this was our first trip of the season on this stretch of the river that includes Jam-up cave!

Blue Springs

E74EF366481F4253B585DF3ED7182099.jpegBastian, the river dog, loves floating too!

C18F025998FC41D297B7B68244E72E8E.jpeg We did get rained on but that's just part of it!! Good 'ole Missouri 40%



AF2A5EB6A14A4E57972CD8A68932467F.jpegHELL YEAH

1A6B8A688D2740B094441CEC09BBAEF9.jpegBash is always on the look-out for critters


E4F30A6883644EEDAF385366F9FAFA84.jpegJam-up staight ahead

95D9A3C3A7BA43838AA1530B1A6C237C.jpegGroup selfie at the top of the cave entrance

10E5B59E105348BE81471B97DF788085.jpegJam-up is MASSIVE!! Pictures do no justice...


19FFB7244B8B45DE9F308DFB1C4BA985.jpegFrom here, we got rained on for a couple hours so the phone went away, but it was still a great time!

Thanks for checkin' it out!


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Looks like a great time, hopefully you stayed hydrated with plenty of beer :)

For sure! You know we did!