Test post & a couple of quacks

in #photography5 months ago (edited)

Hey hive!

Guess who's back, back again...I didn't ditch our new little nest but I couldn't post and there was too much drama for a bit and lost interest quickly after I poured my heart out into a post and then couldn't post or load pictures even after 2 weeks, I thought it was best I just walk away for a bit. We don't have much going on anyway everyone was on lockdown for that covid crap (we still kinda are but they are starting to relax the rules), I figured there was probably enough people already posting about that. This is short and sweet just to see if I can post now before I dedicate too much time into my regular posts. Now that spring is here, birds are coming back here is some of my birdie buddies. Take care all (hopefully I can post by now!)


Shot 1/500 sec. f/5.6 300 mm, ISO 220



Glad to see you back.

I was due, it will be nice to be back!! Was thinking about it for a while finally bit the bullet :)

Your pictures are sharper than ever!

Good to have you back :) I am glad you solved that posting issue. Looking forward to more of your spectacular shots of the Canadian nature :)

Amazing photos!
I am glad you are back!